The faculty at Iman’s Music Studio comprises music professionals who are among the preeminent teachers on their instruments and bring their own world class pedagogical approaches to lessons. This world class faculty specializes in fostering creative strengths in enjoyable practices through the artform of music.
Paul Frederick

Saxophone & Clarinet

Paul Frederick is a composer, third generation saxophone/clarinet player, and prominent bandleader who regularly performs all over the country with his band.

Dominyka Šeibok is a Lithuanian flutist based in Los Angeles. As a performer who incorporates movement and dance, she collaborated with choreographer Joachim Schlömer….

Robert is a Los Angeles based musician currently residing in Santa Clarita. His musical journey began at the age of 12 after being inspired by some of his friends who were on the drumline.
Anna Papayan

classical piano

Anna Papayan is a classically trained pianist from Yerevan, Armenia. Having been passionate about music since childhood, she never questioned…

Misha Bigos

jazz piano

Misha Bigos started piano lessons at age nine but was an uninspired student until he discovered jazz at age seventeen and joined his high school jazz band.
Hailey Simmons


Hello! My name is Hailey and I’m excited to start working with you on your musical journey! I began playing piano at a very young age and have since picked up guitar
Yasmin Khaleghi


Yasmin Khaleghi is a Los Angeles based multi-disciplinary artist; singer, performer, songwriter, vocal coach, and abstract painter.